Welcome to the Nock University Hackathon. 

We want this to be a exciting time for everyone. We hope that we are opening up a new world to explore. We want to to encourage you all to think about a career in IT and and how you can drive the technology of the future.  

In a time of great uncertainty, disruption, and isolation, how can technology keep us connected and help the world get better, and emerge stronger, together to a brighter future?


Whats a Hackathon

Better solutions aren’t born in isolation but out of great collaboration. In the face of any crisis, we share a common vision of a better world and work together to bring that vision within reach. This collaboration has been the essence of all human innovation.


This is why - now more than ever - we need to find ways to come together as innovators, leaders, and empathetic human beings.


It is how we will face the uncertainties of tomorrow.

It is our key to shaping a healthier world.

And it is our best chance to build a better future.


  • Register now and start working and engaging with mentors as soon as you sign up.

  • Choose a project team you want to be apart of. Your project doesn't have to fit perfectly into any one track, Don't strive for perfection teams may get mixed once we're all together.


  • We will have zoom meetings for you to join to take advantage of mentor-ship. 

  • make sure you join the meetings up unto the event. 


  •  Nothing worse than not being prepared

  • You'll need a computer. Laptop preferred, but it is not uncommon for someone to bring tower, monitors, mouse, and keyboard. I recommend you have a wagon to carry it in. 

  • downloaded on that computer Visual Studio Community. Make sure you have the mobile development kit 



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